Thursday, September 4, 2008

We are up!

Hi all! We are officially in St. Louis. Soph and I ended up not getting here until Saturday which worked out to be a blessing. While it was so tough for me to say good-bye to my family in Louisville, this is a chapter in my life I truly look forward to and am excited that it only takes me four and a half hours away, versus across the country (this time).

The movers themselves were excellent, by far, the best I have seen in 16 major moves. They packed up, loaded and were off on Thursday, delivered our load on Friday after delivering a load in Kansas City. So far, nothing is broken and everything is accounted for. Would use them again in a heartbeat.

Mart handled the load in on Friday for me and by the time Soph and I got here on Saturday, he and Bella had already done so much. It is so nice, actually beyond words to have his help on this. The house is wonderful and has so much room...basements really come in handy for putting off those boxes ya just aren't ready to find a place for yet and our neighbors on both sides have already introduced themselves and seem terrific. We were invited to a BBQ on this past Sunday night and have a sitter lined up for this Sunday night. Mart arranged all of seems we'll be at "the landing" in downtown St. Louis to enjoy the Go-go's...yes the original Go-go's - he thought it would be fun - - I am so looking forward to it - - - reliving the 80's! LOL! I did hear him tell the sitter we'll be home no later than 11pm since it's a school and work night - - we're such old foagies!!

Anyway, all is well! Really well! Will continue to update, but for now, off to unpack more it possible that they breed when I'm not looking??

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