Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I finally found who I've been looking for!!

Okay for starters refer to the "Cat-tastophe" story should you need more info and to know how we got here. That said, most of you know that I had a dog named Laddie. He was my wedding gift from Martin and truly the best dog I have ever had. When he died due to bone cancer on December 26, 2003 I felt like I lost a baby. And I have missed him every day since. I wasn't ready to even think about looking for another dog until some time last year. I would peruse the ads and online sites looking for just the right one. The girls picked out their dog Zeke last November and have been happy with him since, but I was still aching for my Laddie.

After not being able to find out about the cat the other day the girls and I went to Animal Control to try to find it and see for ourselves. The first thing that stunned me was the number of animals. I was overwhelmed. I will say the facilities were clean and the people so nice, they truly seemed to care about these creatures, but I saw animals that were so pitiful my heart broke. We walked into the main area and my head turned to cage 24. A black and brown fuzzy dog just laying. He lifted his head when I came by, but other than that was not reactive. I inquired about him and the woman there told me that she thought he was going to be adopted. So I smiled and put my hand to the cage and moved on. We found the cats, but could not find the black and white kitty from the night before. We played with many of the cats. In fact there was one that kept grabbing my shoulder...he was beautiful. We decided it was time to go and on our way out stopped back by number 24, the name on his cage was Dorian. He put his head to the door so that I could feel it, beautiful....just beautiful. I couldn't help it, the tears just started coming. So I pulled myself together and walked back through. We passed through the runs and there were full bred dogs there.....3 full grown "Turner and Hootch" dogs. All 3 with eye problems...two of them couldn't even see, they were at their gates sniffing us like crazy. More tears.

We decided it was truly time to leave, but as we walked past reception I asked about "24". Their information reflected that he was available, but I chose to walk out and head home. The last thing we needed was another dog. When I got the girls in the car there was a huge tug on my heart. I called Marty and he told me "if he is what you want, get him." I couldn't believe he was so open about the idea. I took the girls back in and asked to walk him. We spent about ten minutes with him and I fell in love. I filled out the application and agreed to wait until the following day for approval. After alot of waiting, I got the call. He was ours, Dorian was ours.

Soph and I went to get him about 4pm. He is very calm and uncertain. He had been in that cage for 4 months and appears to have been mistreated prior, so we have our work cut out for us. BUT his eyes tell such a story that it speaks to my heart in a way I can not explain. I feel like he was waiting for us this whole time to bring him home. We know nothing about him, he could be between 3 and 4 years old and he has a slight limp, and is terribly underweight with matted fur. He is a little "escape artist" but he is trying so hard to trust it is nothing short of beautiful. I hope to get him into the vet in the next few days. But they won't tell me anything I need to know. What I know is, he is who I have been looking for, he is supposed to be with us and he is finally HOME!!

Welcome home Dorian!!

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  1. Just checking in with you. He is beautiful! Congratulations! I hope you all have many long happy years together.