Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A couple days in the life....

Just thought a portion of the week in pictures would be a good place to start this week....Here's the start of all things done and seen!!!

Day 1, Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A sample of Sophie's work...we find this sort of thing everywhere....you can see how each item is spaced almost the same distance apart and seperated by type!:)

The Shoe line up at the door! Notice the miss matched princess shoes!

Hanging out in the playroom before the day starts!

The Giant Sunflowers we pass everyday in the community garden!


Zeke is happy to see us home from taking Bella to school!

A quick trip to see Dad at the hotel!

A side trip to the Mod cafe for a Mocha - this is the ceiling in the building!

Soph has been waiting for this movie to come out! We ran to rent it right away! It's been on ALL day! OKay, so maybe not ALL day!

Part of the building at Bella's school! Time for pickup!

Trip to the park to feed the swans and ducks!

"Aaaaah! The Playground!"

Static city!

Part of the Garden Bridge at Lafayette Park!

Some of the row houses on the square!

Our "neigborhood"

"Home Sweet Home"

A Sophie size hook!

A Special snack time!

The infamous Cinderella dress! Soph wears this everywhere!

Home in time for dinner!

Yummy St. Louis Root Beer!

Part of dinner - an italian loaf with basil spread, fresh green tomatoes, romas, sweet yellow peppers, goat cheese and topped with honey roasted ham! Mmmmmm!

Looking up the Dentist's info for an emergency run in the am for Bella!

Oh yeah! She puts the shoes on to go outside, but they immediately come off when she hits the ground!

The rehabbers that work on the roof every night at the house behind us!

Spelling review!

Wind down cuddle time with Soph after bath!

Time with Dad before bed!

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  1. Looks like life is good :)! I'll say it again, I am so happy for you :)

    Great pictures! Love the one of Bella with the static, lovely picture of you and Soph together and those little shoes as just TOO cute!!