Friday, April 25, 2008

Earth Day!

So I am a little late in posting this, but in honor of Earth Day this week the girls and I bought a ton of seeds and had a blast planting them. By the end of our day the girls were covered in mud and the seeds had been strewn in just about every direction. Can't wait to see what makes it, 'specially since the area we laid them out in the yard is under daily attack from Zeke and one of the pots has received more bubble solution than water.
We also got a blueberry bush. With the way we go through blueberries in this house it would be wonderful to grow our own! Happy Belated Earth Day!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lipstick Dreams with Markers!

Need I say more!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Beautiful Dresses

Have you ever had one of those dresses that just made you feel special? I have, I remember clearly several dresses, 'specially one that came with a bonnet and had strawberries all over it. I loved it! I must have been about 5 years old. Well Soph has recently fallen in love with a dress in similar fashion. I picked up a couple of summer dresses last week for her and she begged me one morning to put her in one. She pranced around the house twirling all morning with the largest grin on her face. Just seeing her so genuinely happy made me feel so pleased for her.

Later in the day we chose to go to the park and picnic for lunch. With it being Spring break, there were alot of other mothers that had the same idea. After eating I watched the girls play. Bella went about her business, as she usually does, and in no time flat found a new friend. Soph carefully climbed the ladders and slides and as she did this, would stop anyone in her path - she would grab the sides of her skirt, lift it out, almost in curtsy form, and say very politely - "do you like my pretty dress?" or "look at my pretty dress!". Some of the children were very obliging, others, 'specially the boys, not so much - in fact, they would look at her as if she had two heads and walk away - at which point, she felt it necessary to follow them - yelling as loud as she could with a scowl on her face - "DO YOU LIKE MY DRESS? COME ON!" I wish I had it on video - - - Soph is definitely a spirit to be reckoned with - God bless the precious soul that decides to partner up with her in marriage!!! May the force be with him!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Feeding the ducks!

There is a park near our home where we occasionally go and play and feed the ducks. Today was so beautiful we chose to do this first thing and the girls really enjoyed it. Bella went right to work, grabbed her bread and just meandered through the congregating quackers....Soph, on the other hand, chose to chuck large pieces of bread at unwitting participants while she chased them at full speed, screaming, "Wait, stop, No, WAAAIIITTTT" - too funny! I am sure word passed pretty quickly to watch out for the terrorist in toddler form named Sophie Grace!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pug Free Sophie

Sophie has become, over the past year, more and more dependant on her pug, aka pacifier. Because of the moving and changes in her life, I haven't wanted to make a huge deal out of learning to go without it. I figured in time she would eliminate the need on her own. However, her desire has increased and she has not been willing to negotiate on any level. A friend mentioned the "Pug Fairy". She told me that I should include Soph and have her decorate an envelope for the fairy, put her pugs in it and leave it outside overnight for the fairy to take it so that new babies could have Soph's pugs. I decided to try the approach so we've been "discussing" it for a few days and last night, we put the envelope out. Soph only asked where her pugs were one time and did not wake looking for them once last night (although as usual she woke), and this morning could not wait to see what the fairy left her in exchange. To this moment she still has not asked for a pug, keep your fingers crossed on that one. Can you believe it? It would appear that she was ready after all.......the issue now is a very personal realization for me ~ clearly my baby is no longer a baby and I have to manage my emotions around that!

Kudos Miss Sophie Grace!!!!

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