Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pug Free Sophie

Sophie has become, over the past year, more and more dependant on her pug, aka pacifier. Because of the moving and changes in her life, I haven't wanted to make a huge deal out of learning to go without it. I figured in time she would eliminate the need on her own. However, her desire has increased and she has not been willing to negotiate on any level. A friend mentioned the "Pug Fairy". She told me that I should include Soph and have her decorate an envelope for the fairy, put her pugs in it and leave it outside overnight for the fairy to take it so that new babies could have Soph's pugs. I decided to try the approach so we've been "discussing" it for a few days and last night, we put the envelope out. Soph only asked where her pugs were one time and did not wake looking for them once last night (although as usual she woke), and this morning could not wait to see what the fairy left her in exchange. To this moment she still has not asked for a pug, keep your fingers crossed on that one. Can you believe it? It would appear that she was ready after all.......the issue now is a very personal realization for me ~ clearly my baby is no longer a baby and I have to manage my emotions around that!

Kudos Miss Sophie Grace!!!!

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  1. That's too cute. We did the same thing with Dalton. The paci fairy came and took the pacis away and left two presents on the front porch. I was so worried about how it would go but obviously I wasn't as ready to let go of them as he was. He was just so sweet sucking on a I miss that. But it was the right thing..we have to let them grow up.

  2. Kudos to Sophie, and kudos to Mom too! :) And (((((((((hugs)))))))))) as well, on those realization moments when you see how fast they're growing up.