Monday, March 31, 2008

March for Babies

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If you do nothing, who will?

~Fear waits on every doorstep. It wears many masks. For families enduring any battle it is powerful enough to destroy marriages or whittle one's will down to nothing. It can drive decisions and encroach upon even the strongest of faiths. It is an impossibility to live freely without it. I can speak of many an occassion when fear has done all it could to direct my steps, especially with my children. With fear prematurity is a situation in which one of the biggest blessings becomes incredibly overshadowed. It is what makes a mother cry before surgery, what sits in silence with a waiting husband. It is why a parent can't come to the NICU or a mother gives up nursing and a father refuses to change a diaper. It is the reason tears are found on the cheeks of desperate adults, not newborns. Why a familiar "beep" can send chills down a mother's spine. Why a mom wipes down every inch of restaurant tables or is mocked for staying indoors during an entire winter and why a couple can become paralyzed over the decision to try again. The March of Dimes is an organization that walks hand in hand with every family struggling to overcome this fear. The research that they have helped fund has been pivotal in the advancements today. For instance, without it there wouldn't be resuscitation plans specifically defined for preemies, which enable staff to see the decision to resuscitate as more than a choice but a need, as less of a medical issue, and more a baby. It helps bring babies home. More than that, it helped bring my babies home. The gratitude I have far outweighs the fear I had to overcome. My girls are living proof that the March of Dimes works, that every penny given goes a long way. I am painfully aware that for many families life isn't always the outcome, I am so fortunate and it is because of this that I will do all I can to help fight this battle.

The March of Dimes can beat Prematurity, but not without you. Together we can overcome this, together we can see beyond the fear.

Please consider helping in our fight against this silent epidemic. Click this link to find out how you can contribute.

The mission of March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.~

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  1. Thank you for your efforts. Our experiences make us realize the heartache of preemie parents and all the troubles they face.