Monday, September 29, 2008


Last night something amazing occurred in our home. An opportunity to be a part of something so beautiful I was overwhelmed with joy! It was so simple and yet so beautiful that I am still beaming just thinking about it. Some of you know there are some difficulties with Soph, some areas that are still a work in progress, although she is turning corners in incredible ways. She is still home with me and while we read, color, draw (or as she says dror), she knows her shapes and so much more, she has never made an attempt or the effort to draw her own picture. She will happily color one in, but has been limited on designing her work of art.

Well, while Mart and I were preparing bowls of cake and ice cream in the kitchen, sweet Sophie Grace came running in asking us to look at her "drorings". What we expected to be the perfect, but typical squiggles of art ended up being two beautiful masterpieces. Completely accomplished on her own with no input or help from anyone. They are faces, with hair and eyes, ears and on one, legs. What a milestone to reach. Thank you God for another speechless moment!!

So like any mother, I have to share what my little Van Gogh created. I am so proud!

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  1. This made me cry! I rejoice with you. The second picture looks like the person is holding a puppet. Looks like she likes the expressions in the eyes of people and is focused on feelings. I love it. Congratulations.