Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 2 in pictures - The Bella Perspective

A little late, but this is the next day in pictures. Almost entirely taken from a 10 year old's perspective!

On our way downtown for an unexpected trip to the dentist. This is Purina's headquarters.

The Arch and the St. Louis Cardinals stadium!

Back to the hotel for the "drop off". Leaving Soph with Dad so that Bella and I can go.

Red and a movie - what more could a girl want?

Pink Jellies!

Red waits too!

Gotta plot the walk!

The arch is always peaking!

Bella loved that the sidewalk was "sparkly".

Not just any pigeon...the mother of ALL pigeons!

A statue on olive street!

I love love love that Bella appreciates the old architecture!!!

Floor 18 - Dr. Bartles!

Bella's upside down portrait!
The kid's got character, what can I say!!

Mom's purse! Don't ask, I don't know!

An after school trip to the grocery!

(BTW, Why there are so many different grocery stores in this country is beyond me!)


She wouldn't be Bella if she didn't find something sweet!

Ready for check out!


So not happy with me!

Sharing mint "choca" chip ice "Keem"

Bath time for Gracies!

Plum worn out! Although she'd never admit it!;)

The war zone...uh, play room!

They DO breed!!!!!!!!!!

So do these!!!!!

And today's line up by Sophie is.........

Getting ready for bed!

The things we mothers have to do are like pulling teeth! Literally! ;)

Oh the sweet sound of slumber!!!

How does she breathe???

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