Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Big girl happenings....

Yesterday Soph surprised me, again. We have started the routine of a short nap in the afternoons or at least quiet time. Yesterday, she insisted that she wasn't tired, so I agreed that she could read in bed for awhile and told her that I would be up shortly to check on her. She chose 5 different books, turned her bedside lamp on and readied herself to read in bed. I went about my way cleaning and picking up, all the while, listening for her. After about 15 minutes I headed back upstairs fully expecting to find her wide eyed and bushy tailed, but when I peeped around the corner, she was out. I walked to her bedside for further examination and she was tucked under her covers, her lamp was out and her books stacked in a neat pile on the floor. Obviously, she realized she was tired afterall and was perfectly comfortable putting herself to sleep. It was an awakening to Soph's maturity; I still see the little girl with tiny fingers and toes and the sweetest little voice in the world and yet, she's become a big girl capable of surprising feats. It only takes an instant to remind me how quickly she's growing. Bittersweet!

I must say - I am going to take full advantage of the snow day today!! Both girls home = loads of fun! Now if only Mart had a snow day too, it'd be bliss!

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