Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Conversations with a preschooler!

How quickly they move on....a conversation with Soph!

Soph - "Mommy, I want to walk on the moon"

Me - "You do?"

Soph - "Yes. I want to walk all around it, like this" - (walking motion)

Me - "That would be terrific, why do you want to walk on the moon?"

Soph - "I love the moon. But if I walked to the bottom I'd fall" (eyes and head in the quizzical thought position)

Me - "What do you mean?"

Soph - "I would be upside down, I'd fall down and get hurt. I'd bleed" (excitable yet scared tone)

Me - "Well, actually you wouldn't fall, you'd float"

Soph - "No Mom - I WOULD fall, I would"

Me - "Truly Soph, you'd float, wanna know why?"

Soph - "No mom, no, I don't want to talk about the moon anymore. I'm hungry."

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