Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"I had a great day Mom...."

Was a great day! First of it's kind in quiet awhile - truly. Bella started VBS yesterday and when I took her she was extremely nervous.....she never has been in the past. She is a really outgoing child and never has trouble meeting anyone, even this year. She can walk into any room and immediately have a friend for life....it's just the way she has always been. Given that, I was surprised yesterday when her eyes started to well up and she remarked that she might just want to go home....I encouraged that she "could do this" and gave her a big hug and Soph and I headed out. I felt badly for her and through the day, in my constant conversation with God...just kept asking for "my girl back" - wondering what was happening to my family....and further devastated at the emotional destruction that has taken place over the past months and year.

While Bella was at VBS in the morning I turned my attention to Soph. She has not gotten as much time with me in the past year as I would have preferred. Homeschooling Bella was something that we needed to do and definitely something God called me to do, but entirely limited my time with Soph....so I was so excited to really have a morning with her. I let her choose and we went to the park, played tag, took a walk and when we got home took another walk - well I walked, while she slowly, very slowly rode her trike around the neighborhood. She would stop for anything that looked interesting...branches in the road, pretty weeds (okay, her perspective - flowers), birds, planes - you name it......in short, we had a blast! I loved it! REALLY REALLY enjoyed our time - wait I didn't stress that enough - - - IT WAS LIKE OLD TIMES, and a I LOVED IT!!!

12 noon rolled around and it was time to get Bella. We got there a little early and sat in a pew while we watched the end ceremony. I saw Bella's head bobbing to the music and laughing...she was talking to a couple of girls around her and her smile could not have been bigger. There was a twinge in my heart and a tear in my eye - - I saw her from a distance in a way I used to always see her - it was phenominal!!!!

When she spotted Soph and I, and the program was over, she came running - telling me that this was even better than New Orleans - - Whoa nelly!!! Can't believe this child said that - she has missed NOLA so much, I was beginning to wonder if anything would suffice! She was counting down the hours until Tuesday!!! What a blessing. I had to lift up an immediate thank you to God.....in such a short time, my morning prayers were answered and my girls were more like themselves then I had seen in eons!!!

The day continued from there, we had a fun lunch together, worked on school work (only a few more weeks) and played card games, dress up and just rough housed the entire rest of the day until bed at 9:15 or so! They both went to bed with smiles on their faces and after putting them to sleep and walking out - simultaneously, as if planned, they shouted "love you Mom" - to which Bella added "I had a great day Mom - thanks!"

Say what you will about the things in my life of late - but that, THAT is what makes it all worth while - life, in my eyes, doesn't get much better then the joy I saw on my girls' faces yesterday - and it didn't take fancy toys, or magnificent movies, incredible food or a theme park - just normal, simple moments - - - and they were fabulous - - each and every one!!!!!

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