Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Bella is an excellent swimmer - always has been - guess she gets it from her Mom (LOL!! ;-)) Anyway, when we go to the pool she has a blast just plays and swims like crazy...well Soph is no different..since she was one she seems to have gotten the idea of swimming and has been able to doggie paddle with the best of them. Today we were working on actually swimming and floating. She did pretty well, but the times I let her go under a bit, in no way pleased her and she let me know that. Fingers crossed she'll be swimming without her safety seal by summer's end - heck if she can master potty training in less then two days this week....I figure this is a piece of cake!!!

Oh - gotta share a funny thing - while I was helping her float, little bubbles came from the water and with a big grin on Soph's face and at the top of her lungs, she bellowed "I TOOT" with a giggle! Kids - what more can I say!

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  1. Hey B and girls. What a wonderful video! Just melts my heart. Hope you're all doing well. I emailed you a week back of my new contact info. Hope you received it.