Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Today Soph was diagnosed with Tonsillitis! Yuck! She is miserable, but none the less, quite a trooper. This was the first visit to our new doctor since we have moved, which was nice. While we were going over Soph's history she was really surprised to hear that Sophie has had very few ailments in her two years! She asked if we had some heavenly help!! Can't say enough how much Grace we've seen! What a blessing!
Turns out - 2 days later (the 5th), after another trip to the doctor, that it is actually something called.....Pharyngoconjunctival fever - - an Adenovirus that is responsible for all sorts of things such as bronchitis, meningitis, croup, pertusiss, tonsillitis and several more! Lovely Strain!
And she looks beautiful too I might add....red, watery, swollen eyes, dripping nose and mouth, red red throat, and she lost a pound. Poor thing!
Kids....walking petri dishes!!!

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  1. Hope Sophie feels better soon. Glad to see ya blogging. I love that it is such an outlet for me. Let's me vent all the time and not care if anyone hears it. Sounds like you have a GREAT dr.