Friday, September 7, 2007

Today we went to the Kenner Planetarium for a laser light show. We had never been to the area and it is so adorable. It's in a place called rivertown, just a stone's throw, more or less, from the Mississippi. Older buildings, cute shops, small museums, a fountain - really cute.

We chose to see the light show entitled - "Fright Night" - - it's Halloween themed. We walked in, payed for our tickets and were guided to the theater. The girls were so impressed with the dome shaped ceiling/theater. I was thrilled that we had the whole place to ourselves. The entire show it was just us. We sat in the middle, not good for the eyes (I'm getting old) and each of us had our own seat. That is until, the music and thunder started. Soph and Red were in my lap quick as a blink. She was a little nervous, but did so well...even laughed at the "Purple People Eater" and "Giant Hamsters". The pictures didn't come out the best, I couldn't see what I was taking and without the flash there was a huge delay. But it was still nice to see a few shots. Alot of fun. Definitely something we will do again.

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