Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jabanero Peppers!!!

Bella has been wanting to try a Jabanero for awhile while in the store the other day I bought one specifically with her in mind. I warned her that they were really spicy, but she still wanted to try. So we cut it into small pieces and she took a bite. She loved it and was very proud that she could handle the heat. I smiled and congratulated her and told her that if she really wanted to taste the spice to eat a seed. So, in true Bella form, she did....this time, however, she chose to eat about 8 seeds and a piece of the pepper itself. She smiled again and was very proud and while I continued to cook, I listened to her boast about how strong she is and that it's all because she's got "Italian blood" in her and I don't - I just gave her the look as she exited the kitchen with a very "I'm the best" kind of look on her face. Moments later, she returned, rushing saying in a very hushed tone with tears streaming down her face......"I know Mom, God don't like ugly - God don't like ugly" - - - I nodded my head and smiled as she ran water to quench her need for cool. I didn't say a word....just turned to give her a hug and tell her that I was proud she tried something new so willingly AND that she learned something from it.

Nice to see that she got the message in the lesson pretty quickly. BTW, the phrase she used has been passed down by a friend of mine that introduced it to me years ago......I am pleased to see it's still being put to good use despite it's grammatical errors!!! ;)

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