Sunday, December 28, 2008

Is it Christmas again tomorrow?

For kids, and some adults, there is a such a let down the day after Christmas. Fortunately, that was not the case in our home this year. Everyone truly enjoyed the holiday and the realization that the celebration continues in our hearts daily helped to encourage us all. That said, we were having such a great time the whole day that I don't think Soph's smile left her face once....not even while sugarplums danced in her head during nap time....with which she went willingly. This was the first year that she really seemed to grasp the concept of Christmas. She opened her presents with zest and seemed to comprehend the idea that we were celebrating Jesus' birthday. I have to say how proud I am that both girls came downstairs and sat very patiently on our couch near the tree and gifts as they waited for Marty to get his coffee and me my Diet Dr. Pepper. They also lovingly participated in our tradition of a prayer of thanks to God prior to opening even one package. The day was wonderful and what made it truly great this year is the increasing awareness of our family's blessings...'specially the one that has the four of us under one roof! The day ended with a funny note from Sophie Grace - sitting on the couch discussing bedtime...she stood between Mart and I and while shaking her head back and forth very slighty asked in a hushed tone, "Will it be Christmas again tomorrow?" - - - we both laughed and said, "Not tomorrow, but definitely next year!" - She nodded her head, accepted our answer and readied herself for bed.

In a blink, as quickly as the day began it ended. Mart and I tucked Sophie in bed, followed her nightly instruction on how to properly say good night, hugged and kissed Bella and with each step down the stairs, listening to them giggle about the day, we were reminded, yet again, that the most precious gifts we are given are not found under any tree or in any stocking. The very things we, as humans, seek to make us happy have already been given to us. They aren't wrapped in perfect paper and can't be purchased in any store. They're not delivered by the postman and certainly don't cost a thing. Simply put, they are those joys that let your heart sing, the moments that take your breath away, the fragrance of memories and the awareness of wisdom gained. These are the gifts that are priceless!

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  1. I too was reminded this year that the best gifts are the ones that cannot be bought. The best gift I got this year was the joy of spending Christmas with my son outside of the NICU. Just knowing that he was here and survived the fight was enough to warm my heart. Finally being a family of four, together in one place, celebrating life and all it has to offer ~ that was our greatest gift this year.