Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas tour

A couple of friends of mine via email and one of the sites I follow instituted a day to do a Christmas tour of each of our homes. Since I've now seen it in a couple ways I decided to participate. The idea is just to post pictures of things you'd find around your home that might be of some importance to you over the holidays, to make us feel like we were there! So I thought it would be a nice idea to follow through on over the next few days!!
So look for the incoming tags guys!! :) First, I tag Jen at Against All Odds.

Soph's favorite!

My ornament wreath!
Marty decorated our norfolk island pine

The Santa ornament my dad carved for me!

My Santa Doll and Bella's Snowman plate

The girls' snowflakes

Marty's Santa - he was his Grandfather's!

The Hand Wreath Bella made in Kindergarten

Our outdoor wreath

The banister

Our nativity and some old ornaments!
Our Advent Calendar!

Our Tree!

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