Sunday, November 23, 2008

Youtube warning!!!!!!

Bella loves to play on the computer. We have always monitored what she does on the computer, limited her time and chosen not to join certain websites to keep her safe. Yesterday she was on a couple of times throughout the day, all while both of us were home and doing things. Last night we were reviewing her history and were not shocked to find the typical 10 year old sites and some others such as youtube. Bella likes to watch movie trailers or the parodies that are put together of some of her favorite characters to music or just some of her favorite music, such as, Miley Cyrus, Cheetah girls, etc......

We decided to look deeper into her viewing of Youtube just to check. What I saw astounded me and leaves a deep deep sorrow in the pit of my being. Bella started by searching for Barbie then she was looking for an old, but familiar and favorite character named Kim Possible. What seemed like a simple and innocent search turned into a parent's nightmare. As we clicked on each link of videos viewed it revealed the very characters she was searching for in very serious, x-rated condition. One video went as far as to show Barbie and Ken having physical relations while hitting one another. Now this was late and we haven't spoken to Bella about it, we plan to do so later today. I don't know how much of these videos she watched, but in my opinion even the slightest was too much and knowing that Bella is in a curious faze because of the normal physical changes in her it is likely that she watched.

We have done everything we can to talk with Bella about sex. To explain that it is a gift from God to be shared between a husband and a wife. That it is a beautiful way to show their love and a way to aid in the bringing of new life to a family. NOW, my beautiful, young, christian child has these images seared into her brain. Images that by no means depict what sex should be. I have been praying this morning on just how to handle this, just what to say and while I know I must turn it over, it stills saddens me so incredibly much that my daughter's first experience with intimacy is via horrific and deplorable videos on youtube.

So I warn you parents, while there are perfectly innocent videos on the site, there are those also posted by creators who does not think, nor care of the significant and long lasting ramifications of their desire to harden a children's character!!!!!!


  1. Oh Betsy, I am so sorry! Thanks for the warning though. Bethanie hasn't discovered YouTube yet, thankfully. Before we set up her own account though, she was on mine (ie, no parental controls) when I checked her history she had done a search for Princess, my heart started pounding as soon as I saw the search just knowing what could have came up. Thankfully, the only site she went to was the one she was looking for ~Disney. It was right after that that I set up her account with very strict parental controls. We haven't had a problem since then, but she is only 8 and not into music videos or many movies yet, she is still content with kiddie cartoons for now.

    It's really sad that all this is so readily available to our kids these days. Me and the girls were waiting for a movie to come on yesterday...a CARTOON, and a comercial came on for some teen show (I believe) and in that 30 second commercial they talked about sex and called a girl a sl*t. I was floored that such a commercial would be on between 2 cartoons!

    I'll say a prayer for you that your talk with her goes smoothly and that she didn't watch the videos you fear she has. (((HUGS)))

  2. So sorry girl. ((((hugs)))) I've run across some pretty yucky stuff on Youtube too. Hope that she didn't see as much of it as you think..but sorry it's happened anyway. Will be thinking of you guys.