Monday, November 3, 2008

Emergency Warning Systems

This morning the city of St. Louis decided to test all of the warning systems. So about 10am a loud voice could be heard coming from the sky telling residents that the alarms were about to sound and reiterating that there was no cause for concern. I watched as one of our dogs, Dory, began to go a wee bit crazy. So I brought him inside and began to comfort him, which got me thinking......what a great idea. A warning system; an alarm to tell each of us when something it about to go wrong, to give us the heads up to take shelter or procede with caution. Like an internal know......"warning - you're about to trip over that curb", or "warning -you're about to say something stupid!". I mean wouldn't that be brilliant? Something that resounds in your mind and just blares the instant you think something idiotic or utter words that should never be spoken. My, wouldn't that save us alot of aggravation and embarrassment? Come to think of it, I guess we've already got one, the Holy Spirit! But as hard headed as I can be, on occassion, I could really use the blare instead of the oh so gentle tug!!! ;)

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