Friday, October 24, 2008

A sure fire way to feel old......

You know those moments, they are plentiful....but it seems that you notice them even more when you have kids. For instance, there is something I know about myself, something that I know I just shouldn't EVER do, I pay for it everytime.....and still I do it.

I twirl and twirl with Soph as if I am 3 again. I get such pleasure in hearing her giggle. She absolutely loves to fall to the ground in a dizzy stuper.....Me? Well, after two turns, I fall to the ground with great nausea and develope the lovely headache that comes shortly after, leaving me the rest of the day exhausted. What is up with that?

Children, while incredibly wonderful and such gifts, are life's sure way to remind you of your limitations. I think my husband can even attest to this; just ask him about the time he challenged Bella to a headstand competition!!! LOL!

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