Monday, August 4, 2008

Back tracking a bit!

Before I put anything about our recent vacation I want to do a small ode to my 14 year old Nephew, Chandler. He is a terrific kid; smart, athletic, great heart.....we have had the pleasure of watching him, as well as my other nephew Griffin, play ball this year - each season a new sport. Right before we left for our trip we went to his final baseball game. He has been with this team since about 1st grade they have done very well together and alot of the boys also play soccer with him. Anyway, at his new high school he will not be trying out for baseball so this was truly his last least for now....and I am so proud to report that they won! AND it was the city championship!!! So they are the new city champs!!! I am so proud of him!!! Way to go Chandler!

Also to add, he tried out for the soccer team with his new school. It was a long shot because it is an all boy's private school that tends to get many many athletic kids and with only 20 spots on the team and more than 40 boys trying out he made it. He worked so hard and I couldn't be more proud. It was great when I found out, he sent me a text while he was in the meeting with the coaches to let me know that he made it!!! Yay! Can't wait to watch the first game later this month!

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