Saturday, July 5, 2008

Welcome Home Sophie Grace

3 years today Sophie Grace came home from the hospital! Even as time passes I remember this day with great clarity. It was like any other day; Bella woke and got ready to go to camp, Marty and I were moving around the house getting dressed for the day, I cleaned, and we were out the door. Mart took Bella and I was off to see Soph. I had been told, just the day before, on the 4th of July that we would be able to take her home on the 5th. BUT a day before that, we were told they were not certain which would be the day. In fact, on the night of the 3rd I got to sleep in a parent suite at the hospital with Soph so that I could experience a night with her and care for her with the aid of the nurses when I needed it. What I had hoped would be uneventful proved to be just the opposite, she dsatted the entire night. I left that morning in tears. So as excited as I was about bringing her home I was reserved at the possibility. There was already so much in her short life that didn't go the way we expected so I just thought it wise to prepare myself for the potential of bad news. I was optimistic that she would come home eventually, but just wanted to be at peace with when. I walked into the NICU, washed my hands, walked down the hall and rounded the corner to her station. Her nurses greeted me immediately with huge smiles. "So today is the day, are you ready?" one of them asked, "is it really? I mean REALLY?" I asked very uncertainly. Waiting for the answer with baited breath she grabbed my arm and responded, "Yep, you can take your baby home!" I can't tell you the emotion that began to wash over me as I walked to her bedside, put my bag down, and looked at my little girl in a way I hadn't been able to before. She was okay and she was going to be sleeping in my home that night, I would get to feed her and bath her and hold her. I didn't have to ask for permission or cry each time I left her side. I would no longer have to wonder what I would be missing while I wasn't with her. She was going to be right beside me.

After I spent time with her I stepped out to call Marty and let him know. We made arrangements to meet back home so that we could pick her up together and leave together.

When we walked in to get her, she was ready - the nurses placed her in her going home outfit, all of her items and tags were in a bag and her medical records in an envelope. I very carefully picked Soph up, put her in her carseat and walked out with her. I remember leaving and turning to look at the nurses, when we got to the large metal doors I stopped and looked back. The stations were beeping, the lights were lowered, the large picture windows that covered the entire back walls were swept with sunlight. I half expected someone to come to us and say, "wait a second, you can't go yet." - but no one came. I remember my heart skipped a bit when I walked through those doors. I was happy to be taking my tiny baby home, but was also sad to leave a place that had become home to us for awhile. The nurses and doctors took such phenominal care of our gift that I could never possibly thank them enough.

She has grown alot in 3 years! She is bold and sometimes abrasive, she giggles and cries, she sings and dances, she walks and runs, she is sweet and loving. Looking at Sophie I am always reminded just how precious life is, just how important it is to value our families, our children and the people that support us. And most importantly how pivotal it is to turn it all over and thank the good Lord each day for blessing me with the whole experience.....without Him Sophie woudn't be, without Him, my family wouldn't be, without Him, nothing would be. So to end on a Sophie note, in conversation with her earlier regarding this day I reminded her that she came home to us three years ago and with a gigantic grin on her face and her arms up she simply replied ~ "I am all better now!"~

~Luke 2:40~ ...And the child grew and became strong, he was filled with wisdom and the grace of God was upon him...

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  1. oh what a beautiful tribute for sophie. i've got tears in my eyes.