Friday, May 30, 2008

Sophie's 3rd Birthday!

Last night I crept into her room and looked at her. Her last night sleeping as a two year old. That got me. I can remember with great clarity the circumstances surrounding her birth. I remember her perfectly shaped head and her beautiful strawberry blonde hair. She was so tiny and still so perfect. I remember when I discovered I was pregnant. It was a huge shock and was months before I believed it to be true. Watching her play at the park this morning was kind of surreal. That same feeling of, "I still can't believe she is here". In the last three years, I have been blessed in ways I can't begin to recount appropriately. Just as a mom of a living child I have the joys and moments that so many women long for. Sophia has so much spunk and so much life in her, it blows me away that this child was the very child that was removed from my belly with no breath and no heartbeat. That she is the child that took several attempts and instruments just to keep her here.

Sophie Grace is a child that it takes several reminders to get her moving most of the time, especially if she is doing something or is somewhere she loves like today at McDonald's. I must have asked her to come 5 times and she kept saying, "just one more minute mom". With that I like to believe that her experience of coming into the world from her eyes is no different then that. Some believe that before we come to be born we are in heaven with God and loved's a thought I love. So maybe, just maybe the moments that the nurses and doctors were working on my girl...she was dancing in heaven with Jesus - saying, "just one more minute, one more dance!" - - She is such a sweet sweet babe - and I know that there is great purpose to her life. She will face her challenges and road blocks - but today it is with deep gratitude that I say "Thank you" - Thank you God for letting her have one more dance - and better yet - thank you for allowing me the gift of many!!!!

Happy birthday Sweet Sophia Grace!!!


  1. Happy belated birthday Miss Sophie. Your mommy's pride and joy for you is shining through.