Sunday, March 16, 2008


Fair is a word I hear alot. Whether it is from the mouth of my 10 year old or others I know or meet. It is a word that I've been careful to use as I've gotten older. I know that things happen, whether we understand them or not, they just do. Today is Palm Sunday, the day termed as "The Triumphal Entry". When Christ rode on a donkey into Jerusalem. It is the start of a very long week. A week when He would be tested beyond belief, whether it was in questions He was asked by the Pharisees, things that took place in the Temple or even the awareness that one individual, closest and trusted, would turn on Him.

This is a day that blows me a way. To think that there was someone who was perfect, someone who committed no crime, no act of sin, someone who was completely innocent and He knew that going to Jerusalem would mean death and yet He went anyway!

Could you imagine going to a city you knew you wouldn't leave alive. Knowing that people you cared for, that you loved would turn their backs on you. Would you be able to do this? Physically think about it for a minute. Ask yourself that question? Would I?

Imagine the strength it took to enter that city with such Grace and Peace. Never claiming that it was unfair or unjust. He knew the abuse He would receive and the pain He would endure. Do you know anyone that would choose this? Willingly give themselves?

In our world these days, we complain all too often about what is unfair. How we should have more money, more love, a larger home, a better car ~ we envy our neighbors and pitty ourselves for what we physically lack or the ailments we suffer. I know it is natural to go there on occassion, but I am going to make a choice; forward I will do all I can, when I feel that push, to stop and remember the image of Christ on that donkey riding into a "fruitless fig". Whatever troubles I face or uncertainties that lie in front of me are nothing in comparison, my fears are unjust. Though life may not be the way I planned or dreamt it, my trials will end! And not with my body on a cross!

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  1. Wow, Betsy, that was very powerful! Thanks for making me take a second to really think about what he went through.

    BTW, love the new look!!