Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Easter Bunny

This year Sophie actually gets the idea of all the holiday characters. She has been asking for about a month to see the Easter Bunny. Every week at some point she would ask, "See Easter bunny on Friday?". Now mind you, Friday doesn't represent any one specific day to her, just any day that something fabulous occurs on, something to look forward to. So today we went. As excited as Bella was, 'cause she is waining on the edge of belief....I believe with the thought "If I don't believe, I may not receive" - sounds reasonable when looking at the big picture - anyway - I think she was more excited about Soph's reaction to it all. Soph did not hesitate, Bella lifted her into the Bunny's lap and they sat for their picture. As they were walking away, I noticed Soph stopped, turned and put her hand up to say Good-Bye....kind of uncertain about what had just happened, but thrilled, none the less. Throughout today she has continued to ask "one more time Mama?". Looking at Bella, it's hard to believe that Soph will be there in no time. It wasn't so long ago, Bella believed with so much conviction!!!

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