Friday, February 1, 2008

Note to Soph....

I am in awe of how you have grown Sophie Grace. It seems since you have learned to talk in the past few months that you have really begun to blossom. So many instances this week have made me laugh or just express surprise at your reaction or comment. Earlier in the week after your nap you came and asked as you do to "cuddle more" - so we sat in my chair and watched TV for a bit until you woke up enough to play. The show we were watching had a woman on it talking about things that had recently happened to her husband, she stated that he broke his leg. You took your pug out and looked up at me in surprise and asked "BROKE LEG?" As if to question, if it was even possible. You were so surprised and disgusted at the same time and I was blown away that you understood so perfectly.

Then today, you had a runny nose, again. You kept telling me "Mommy, unning again!" - which is my cue to wipe it. At one point you came into the kitchen with your finger out and said "Mommy boogie on it" - - so I grabbed a wipe to clean your hand. Bella was there and heard and started saying "Ew gross Soph - that is so gross" - you turned to her with a big frown on your face yelling "Bella, just a boogie, COME ON - just a boogie" - - - I couldn't stop laughing!!! You are so incredibly adorable it is unbelievable.

Another thing - new favorite phrase - - "Dang it" - too funny.

Soph - you are just growing up too fast. I am so pleased with the kid that you are - you are such an incredible blessing. I am going to miss my time with you so much. There just aren't enough words.

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