Monday, February 4, 2008


Turtles may be slow, no doubt. They certainly, in the real world, aren't winning any races. But maybe that's part of the problem, too many races. Rushing through things doesn't allow you to really learn anything or enjoy the scenery - I heard someone say today - it's not the outcome, but the journey. While the end result is hugely important, its weight can only be measured in the number of steps it took to get there.....the dance. In fact, in dancing it seems we most enjoy watching people whose feet do the fanciest work. The dance is often over so quickly that the effort it took to get there goes unnoticed. In significant portion, they practiced patience, persistance and timing. Today, I'll take it ~ the turtle! The path I am walking may not be leading me anywhere fast, and the dance may seem more like a glide then a cha cha, but I will learn to take deep breathes on the way and slow my step when I falter. I am certain that in the end, I'll be in line with the music that moves my spirit and paced on the road that is lined with hope!

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  1. Maybe these awards will move your spirit in the same way they moved mine?

    Come and check out your awards Betsy!

    :) Jen