Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Orleans

Today has been a great day, but lurking in the back of my heart is the sadness of how much I miss New Orleans. I think about that city daily and consider it more home than any of the many places I have lived in my 36 years. I have seen and lived on both coasts of this beautiful country, on all parts of it's oceans, and even in the middle and been blessed to live in such beautiful places as Monterey, California, Florida, New York, the mountains and beaches of the Carolinas - - and not one of those places has spoken to my heart as much as New Orleans. Don't get me wrong, I have loved other places, among them most - Winston-Salem. But there is something about NOLA, it was truly a place that I felt at home. A place where I met more people who were wonderful, who truly enjoyed life and meeting others - a city full of heart, spirit and treasures.

It's not easily forgotten and today was just a day that I took the opportunity to think in length about it. Trying to not think about NOLA or life there does me no good - - it's best if I face it head on and thank the Good Lord for introducing me to it. It was truly a place I was certain I wouldn't care greatly about, had the attitude that we would only be there a couple years ~ it was manageable with that. BUT I was so incredibly surprised, when in a very short time I learned the true heart of that city existed in all facets of it - even a vagrant in Jackson square who heard me saying that we were moving to his city - he, this man with no home, took his Mardi Gras beads and placed them on my two year old, with a big grin, saying "Welcome to our wonderful city". If that doesn't speak to it - I don't know what does.

Thinking of you NOLA - - can't wait to know you again!!!

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