Saturday, January 5, 2008

How they know just what to say....

The girls and I spent a great deal of time just playing today. At one point, Bella and I were talking about physically taking care of your body and how important it is for all reasons. This is a conversation we have had so many times, in so many ways. I said something to her about my getting older and wanting to take care of myself so that I may be around a long time, to keep my heart healthy and my focus oriented. Bella quickly snipped at me "Mom you are not old, you are young and beautiful". She went on to say something that blew me away about our current circumstance and a what if scenario - her statement was so mature and heartfelt - I just held her face in my hands and hugged her - - Bella is such a sweet kid, so thoughtful - so full of life - just a simply happy person. That is such a special quality, one that I hope, despite what life may bring her, she holds onto.

Thank you Bella - for being so wonderful, for encouraging those around you, for your smile, for your beautiful heart~for you!

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