Monday, January 28, 2008


Every day is bringing me something new. I have surrounded myself with people that have similar interests and are familiar with many curve balls that can come your way in life. Through this process I am finding so much of me that has either been lost for some time or parts I didn't know even existed. There are obviously parts of me that I am very familiar with, both the kinds I am greatly proud of and yes even those that I could certainly do without. But in the midst of this time, I am learning so much more then I ever thought possible. I begin each day with such great relief ~ relief because of an enlightenment that becomes more and more clear each day. You know the metaphorical "light bulb" - well it clicks on at certain points for me throughout the day.

Today I attended another group that is hugely supportive to me. I sat in a room with about 50 men and women and listened to their stories and their thoughts. The discussion surrounded an excerpt from a book about healing; it talked of dreams lost, opportunities taken away, survival. As I watched the heads nodding and each individual responding to what they were hearing in different fashion, I noticed I felt perfectly comfortable in what others would say was a room of strangers. I understood - they understood. They have given me great gut to move in a direction that will only improve and empower my life and focus.

This has been the most difficult process in my life - but just as surely as the days I delivered the most incredible gifts in my life, I am singing the Lord's praises in it. I know that there is reason and movement and I know that I am not alone. There are little miracles and blessings every day and I will raise a thank you each morning for all that will take place in that day and will cast the same thank you to the heaven's as my head hits the pillow.

Whatever it takes!

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