Monday, December 3, 2007

Sophie did it!

Today was a very chaotic day, just one in a mix of many, but something really small and simple took place during it that just made me stop and pay attention.

Bella and I were going over questions from one of her books in the living room. Sophie was climbing in and out of her chair and at one point, pulled her chair so that it was immediately next to the couch. As Bella and I talked, I could see Soph in the background, she climbed onto the side of her chair, reached for the arm of the couch, pulled herself up and over to leap onto the seat of the couch. Instantly, she threw her hands up and yelled "Sophie did it!". She was so mouth dropped. She has just begun saying her name, but not with any real emphasis, just simply "Sophie Gace" (as she says-too cute).

But today I could just see the look of pride on her face. She was so thrilled that she accomplished a great feat - what must have seemed to my tiny toddler, a mountain!

Bella and I just stood with grins on our faces, as Sophie dropped her hands and began clapping with sincere enthusiasm. We put down the books, directed our attention to her and asked for another show. She obliged with a fantastic energy and managed a second time with a daring roll to finish it off. My sweet Sophie Grace makes things look so easy; she sees something she wants to do and attacks it, no cares, trying over and over until she gets it right. No questioning how well it will go, how clean cut it is, whether it was done with all eyes watching, or to what extent she needed to think about it - she took a leap of Faith and believed without question in herself - she closed her eyes, smiled fiercly and attacked the challenge, head on - Sweet Sophie Grace did it!

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  1. That face is adorable, and you can see the joy she is exuding.