Sunday, November 11, 2007


I met a woman, today, who was so distraught over the path her life has taken. She spoke a great deal, with tears the whole time of how horrible she felt. The words she chose to use most often were "I am lost". As I listened to her recount all that has occurred for her over her life, she is younger than I, I realized something - I am so incredibly lucky. Life sucks sometimes, no doubt - I can go on and on about how I am not with the one I love most, that I feel frustrated, hurt in a way that is so deep it hurts. I could account for the many difficulties; health, emotional, marital, financial, all of it - - but I don't want to, outside of to share so that someone somewhere knows they are not alone, so that maybe someone can learn something from what I've gone through. The greatest gift of going through it all is to come out of it with the awareness that you are not lost. I know that God is taking great care of me - as the word says "He holds every tear" - I don't have what I want, and am certainly not where I would prefer to be, but I know I'll have what I need.

I feel for this woman - I can't imagine feeling so lost, feeling so alone. I really am the lucky one!

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